Beginning in the fall of 2016, Nuova Vita is trusting God to form a team of 4-6 mature college students, recent college graduates, and young adults with a passion to reach the next generation of Italian leaders. The focus is to make disciples of Jesus at the University of Salerno (UniSA), a campus of over 34,000 students with zero gospel witness, and with young adults in the city center where our church plant is located. This team will work alongside of the believing students and young adults that God has entrusted to us, as we equip each of them to live transformed lives as disciples on mission. The internship will be a support-based position (not salaried) with a minimum 2 year commitment.


  1. Evangelism and discipleship of college students and young adults, in collaboration with the local church
  2. Cross-cultural experience and learning of the Italian language
  3. Leadership development in the context of the local church, serving alongside the leadership of the church and the greater church body
  4. Theological training with the following focus:
    • Bible and Doctrine - understanding and teaching the entire bible
    • Character - living and leading out of a gospel-transformed heart
    • Church - establishing, growing, and leading a community on mission
    • World - understanding your ministry context and how to engage others with the gospel
  5. For those interested in a future of pastoral ministry or church planting, there will be the option to pursue a pastoral/church-planting residency with Nuova Vita


“Nuova Vita exists to glorify God by planting churches and making disciples of Jesus who live transformed lives of worship and obedience, as we seek to bring the gospel to every man, woman and child.“


To glorify God as we make disciples of university students and young adults by:

Calling each disciple of Jesus to their God given gospel identity as we seek to live everyday life as:

  • Family - we commit to reorienting everyday life around the word, lived out and proclaimed in the context of community
  • Servants - we follow King Jesus and submit to His word as we humbly seek to serve Him and those around us
  • Missionaries - we take seriously our individual and corporate responsibility to bring the gospel to every man, woman, and child 

Committing to growing students and young adults into mature disciples who:

  • Pursue intimacy with God as their highest priority
  • Exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in their lives and relationships
  • Are committed to regularly sharing the story of God’s grace with others in both word and deed
  • Understand their own spiritual giftedness and are released to serve others accordingly
  • Steward every aspect of life wisely for the glory of God and His purposes


The UniSA ministry at Nuova Vita is a strategic effort to reach students and young adults with the gospel, with a focus on integration into the life of the local church body. For this reason, the campus team will also be actively involved in all aspects of church life as opposed to solely focusing on reaching students on campus. In this way, the team will be able to naturally introduce students to the network of relationships they have with other Italian believers in the local church. 

With that said, the team’s focus will be on reaching students on campus and young adults in the city center. To provide the most natural platform for ministry, each team member will be enrolled in Italian language courses at the University of Salerno. They will also meet students and young adults by providing English language conversations, helping the many young Italians who need to improve their English as a second language.

Our ultimate desire is to equip the next generation of Italian believers to be mature disciples of Jesus who seek to join in God’s redemptive mission in everyday life, through their participation in the local church community. Everything we do as a team will exist to that end, with the hope that God will raise up a generation of church members, church leaders, and church planters in Italy who understand how they fit into God’s redemptive purposes throughout Italy and the ends of the earth, as disciples of Jesus on mission through His church.


For serious inquiries about the UniSA internship, further information regarding costs, timelines, and the application process can be acquired by sending an email to our internship coordinator, Paul Davidson (paul@nuovavitasalerno.com).

UniSA Vision Prospectus - Download .pdf of the internship overview